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Battery Pole Pruners

Battery-powered pole pruners providing powerful and quiet performance

  • HTA 65

    Fixed length pole pruner with Lithium-Ion battery technology.
    DSRP: $399.99
  • HTA 85

    A 12’ telescopic pole pruner, powered by 36-volt Lithium-Ion...
    DSRP: $499.99

Homeowner Pole Pruners

Make hard-to-reach branches easier to cut

  • HT 56 C-E

    A fuel-efficient pole pruner with a lightweight gearbox and...
    DSRP: $389.99

Professional Pole Pruners

The power and user comfort you want from professional equipment

  • HT 100

    A 7’ fixed-length pole pruner with a low-emission engine...
    DSRP: $449.99
  • HT 101

    Reach branches up to 16’ above ground with this telescoping...
    DSRP: $599.99
  • HT 103

    A pole pruner designed for easy handling and reduced user fatigue.
    DSRP: $599.99
  • HT 130

    Built with the same features as the HT 100 fixed-length pole...
    DSRP: $499.99
  • HT 133

    The ultimate telescoping pole pruner, built with the same features...
    DSRP: $649.99
  • PP 101 Long Reach Pruner

    An extended reach precision pruner with exceptional precision and...
    DSRP: $109.99
  • PP 600 Telescoping Pole

    This nimble, lightweight, telescoping pole can be fitted with...
    DSRP: $124.99
  • PP 800 Telescoping Pole

    With a working reach of 18’ above ground, this lightweight...
    DSRP: $144.99
  • PP 900 Pole Pruner Set

    This pole pruner set is ideal for demanding, precise pruning.
    DSRP: $169.99

Pole Pruner Accessories

Options to improve your cutting tool